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Berra & Laura at SSBW.

//Berra & Laura at SSBW


Date: November 3, 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Type: open
Entrants: 350
Location: Quality Hotel Friends

Berra and Laura, both from the city of Seville, are the Bachata Sensual Teachers you can’t miss. Both Berra and Laura have danced for over 10 years separately, with training in latin dances, performing arts and other disciplines and artistic modalities. They are the artistic directors of the dance school Studio 567 in Seville, where they teach together with several professionals of various styles. They have been dancing together for more than four years and they have already experienced so much. They have won several both national and international competitions, including Spain Bachatastars, becoming sub champions in 2016 and champions in 2017.They also became champions of Sobretodo Bachata in 2017, champions of World Bachatastars in 2018 and sub champions in World Bachata Masters of 2019. Known for being amazing competitors, their lyrical stage presence and their incredible didactics, you can’t miss the opportunity of learning from them!