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Umeko Yuko at SSBW.

//Umeko Yuko at SSBW


Date: November 3, 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Type: open
Entrants: 350
Location: Quality Hotel Friends

Umeko Yuko is a professional bachata dancer from Japan, living in Madrid Spain. She is a Pro Member of Group Esencia by Marco & Sara and used to be member of AlmaLatina Mexico. She is trained in rhythmic gymnastic, ballet, aerial silk, pole dance, contortion just to name a few.

She is the Bachata Champion of the UK, Asia & Japan.

Bachata Spain Champion 2023

A 14 times Bachata champion in JAPAN, Her accolades include:

World salsa summit in Miami 2021
Spain World Bachatea Cup 2020
Spain Bachatart 2019
Sobre todo bachata 2018/ bachatart 2018/ Salamanca fusiĆ³n bachata / Paris bachata festival 2018/ finalist
Japan bachata festival 2018 pro-am
Japan bachata festival 2018 same gender
Japan Latin dance cup 2018 solo
Japan Latin dance cup 2018 bachataPro
England B United Bachata cup 2018